Energy: Long Island Portfolio

Energy: Long Island Portfolio

Energy: Long Island Portfolio

Failing Developer


November 2020


About the project

Through our Agilitas Energy subsidiary, Madbury Capital acquired seven projects from a failing developer. We moved quickly to open an office on Long Island and rescue these languishing projects that were years behind schedule and at risk of losing approvals. We forged strong relationships with the towns of Brookhaven and Islip, New York, as well as the utility PSEG.

In just three years, we completed the projects and now operate 20 MW of solar arrays – some of which are on the largest landfill sites on Long Island. Based on these initial successes, we successfully added new solar and storage sites, and Brookhaven and Islip have converted underutilized land into properties expected to generate income for 20-plus years. In November 2020, we sold this portfolio to a leading institutional energy company.

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